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Extract from JUVE German Commercial Law Firms 2015

JUVE German Commercial Law Firms 2015

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Insolvency Administration

Comment: This leading firm for insolvency administration remains a purely Bavarian player in terms of offices and court appointments. The fact that it is nevertheless known and recommended nationwide is not due to the name partner`s earlier association activity, but rather the administrators` ability to bring even large proceedings to a successful close. Standout trustee roles, e.g. at Loewe and Flabeg, bear witness to the firm`s strength in dealing with difficult structures. Exner was appointed for one of the few major automotive cases (Scherer & Trier).

Recommended: Dr. Siegfried Beck, Joachim Exner (“professional and fair in winding up insolvencies”, client),Dr. Hubert Ampferl.

Practice: Appointments at more than half of Bavaria`s courts, and beyond. Frequently the first choice for group insolvencies with international involvement. Litigation and employment practice, large business management department. (6 equity partners, 1 salary partner, 20 associates)

Appointments: Erhard Sport (Fürth); Alpha Logistik, Flabeg Holding (Nuremberg); Scherer & Trier (Coburg). Trustee: Flabeg; Branchware + Partner (Nuremberg).