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We are a supra­regional partnership of lawyers and insolvency administrators who work exclu­sively in the field of insolvency administration and insolvency law.

Having due regard to the interests of creditors in corporate insolvencies, and preserving corporate substance and jobs where possible, are our ma­jor priorities. The preservation of companies not only enables employment to be secured but also - in the interests of the creditor - enables better results to be achieved than would be the case in a simple liquidation.

The insolvency administrators of Dr Beck & Partner GbR are guided by their experience using economic tools and working within the legal framework of insolvency proceedings. A key success factor is the inter-disciplinary orientation of the firm. In the insolvency proceedings the ad­ministrators are supported by business econo­mists and other industry specialists.

Under the Insolvency Code Reform (act serving to further facilitate the restructuring of companies), introduced on March 1, 2012, we have integrated the instruments of law for facilitating the reorganisation of companies into our service offer and have been able to accompany notable proceedings with the practical implementation of the restructuring work.

Besides insolvency administration, especially the implementation of debtor-in-possession-proceedings, “insolvency protection proceedings” and the work of trustees according to the ESUG, are part of our area of expertise.